Quality Assurance Confirmation.

In order to ensure the highest quality to the customer, We must get approval of the actual shipment's sample. If the product is not up to our standard, we will not allow the supplier to ship the goods.

The basic standards of testing fabrics is one of our major everyday routines. Usually, we would randomly select 92 cones of yarns for knitting test fabrics. These would be tested for at least three colours in order for us to assess the quality of the fabric.

Our expected quality standard is:-

Every 25kg roll of fabrics should not contain more than 5-10 spots of contamination.
For combed yarns, naps (dead cotton) must be virtually invisible in the tested colours of dark blue, burgundy and dark green.
Unevenness of yarn must be no longer than 1 inch.
Parallel lines must not be seen on dyed fabric. Different cottons must not be mixed together during processing.

It is important that our high standard of quality is maintained in order to keep our edge in a very competitive world economic situation.